The Freedom Knee®System

Provides surgeons with unique  component options that deliver successful, predictable and reproducible results.


Our Knee Products Include

  • Freedom Primary Knee System comprising
    – Posterior Stabilized
    – Cruciate Retaining, Standard and Ultra-Congruent
  • Stemmed Tibia Knee System
  • PCK Revision System
  • Renew Partial Knee (Unicondylar)
  • Freedom Titan Knee

Modern Design For Optimal Results

The Freedom Knee® System was developed using advanced design engineering technologies and extensive clinical experience to address the anatomical, physiological and lifestyle needs of today’s patients.

The system’s significant design advances allow patients to achieve optimal high-flexion range of motion regardless of the several tibial component options chosen. This design approach provides surgeons with several unique component options that deliver proven successful, predictable, and reproducible results.


Freedom® Primary Knee

  • Over 11 years of worldwide usage with outstanding success
  • Multi-radius design with 7 radii accommodates changes in rollback in transition from walking to through deep flexion
  • Anterior flange design reflects bone-conserving design
  • 5-year published results1 conclude optimum TKA performance without:

– patient loss to follow-up
– related complications or component failure
– deterioration of the prosthetic composite

  • Offers multiple size options that feature dynamically proportioned M/L and A/P femoral components in CR and PS Options, along with stemmed tibia and ultra-congruent liner options.

Durbhakula S, Durbhakula V, Durbhakula N, Restoration of Femoral condylar Anatomy for Achieving Optimum Functional Expectations Continuation of an Earlier Study at 5-Year Minimum Follow-Up. JSIRF, 2019, Vol 9

Freedom® Revision Knee

  • A revision platform based on highly successful Freedom Knee® bearing geometry
  • Patented trapezoidal box design designed to be highly constrained in extension AND less constrained in flexion
  • Designed to maximize flexibility AND minimize inventory with unique component options such as stackable augments

Freedom® Renew Knee

  • Unicondylar Knee designed for outpatient setting with same day discharge
  • Minimal bone resurfacing with no ligament sacrifice
  • Maximizes OR and surgical efficiencies
  • Yields proven reproducible results
  • Teachable surgical technique

Freedom® Titan Knee

  • Features titanium niobium nitride coating which reduces release of Co and Cr ions for long term stability1
  • Includes multi-radius kinematics, high flexion, and bone conserving feature for successful and reproducible results1
  • Avoids potential metal ion sensitivity/allergy
  • 4x harder than conventional CoCr alloys
  • Available in both PS and CR primary systems

1 Serro et al. (2009) A Comparative Study of Titanium Nitrides, TiN, TiNbN and TiCN, as Coatings for Biomedical Applications. Surface & Coatings Technology 203 (2009), pp. 3701–3707.

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The Libertas® Hip System

Providing surgeons with comprehensive range of implants for facilitating congruent transfer of loads and restoring hip biomechanics

Libertas® Acetabular Shell and Liners

Acetabular Shell

  • Modular Titanium Shells with Ti-Growth® Coating for bone in-growth
  • Tapered geometry to accept future improvements
  • Anti‐rotation Groove designed to resist micromotion

Liners and Heads

  • 4 HXLPE coated liner options (neutral, elevated wall, 10° oblique, +4mm offset)
  • CoCr and Biolox® delta head with offset options

Libertas® TR – Taper Reduced Stem

    • 3 offset options to maximize soft tissue tension and hip balance
    • Narrow tapered wedge geometry with distal reduction
    • Proximal Coating enhances fixation in metaphysis

Libertas® HA Stem

  • 3 offset options to maximize soft tissue tension and hip balance
  • Tapered stem and bone compaction broaches aid in bone conservation
  • HA coated for early bone cell adhesion to promote long term fixation

Libertas® Cemented Stem

    • 2 offset options to maximize soft tissue tension and hip balance
    • Double tapered stem with highly polished surface
    • Standard and narrow stem options for better anatomic fit while maintaining an optimal cement mantle
    • Taper-slip loading design minimizing

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Quick Recovery Solutions (QRS) System

Increasing your surgical volume, improving clinical outcomes and growing your facility’s bottom line are a collective effort.


By working with Maxx Orthopedics, your team will gain a partner that will deliver efficient and profitable solutions throughout the entire outpatient arthroplasty episode of care. Your success is our goal.

It is time to remove the clutter and sharpen the surgical flow.

Pre-Op and Preparation




Post-Op and Recovery


Maxx Health is the USA distributor for the products detailed above.
Maxx Orthopedics. is the manufacturer of the Freedom Knee System. Signature Orthopaedics is the manufacturer for the Signature Hip System. Global Orthopaedics is the manufacturer for the PFR Knee.

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