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2.3/2.8 Foot Plating System

The SUMMA 2.3/2.8 Foot Locking Plate System is intended for use in internal fixation, reconstruction, or arthrodesis of small bones including the fore, mid and hind foot and ankle. It is a comprehensive system for foot fracture management and deformity correction.

System Features

  • Low plate profile due to rounded edges with 1.3mm and 1.6mm thickness
  • Plates made from pure titanium – the ideal material for implants
  • Self-tapping locking and non-locking screws available
  • Many SUMMA plates include a compression slot

2.8/3.5 Foot Plating System

Our 2.8/3.5 Foot Plating System is a comprehensive set of implants to stabilize the bones of the entire foot from calcaneus to the phalanges.

System Features

  • Low Profile Locking
  • Titanium
  • Atraumatic/ rounded edges
  • 10° Variable Angulation

Fibula Locking Plate System

Our fibula plates are low profile, anatomically shaped plates that allow for a wide variety of anatomy.


  • ± 10° poy-axial locking system
  • Low profile anatomically per-contoured plate design
  • Scalloped edges for syndesmatic screw placement outside of the plate

Lateral Distal Fibula Plate System

The Lateral Distal Fibula Plate system is for use in the internal fixation of the distal fibula. This system offers locking and cortical screws in 2.8mm and 3.5mm sizes.

Lateral Distal Fibula Plate Ankle System


  • Anatomically pre-contoured
  • Low profile with 2.0 mm thickness
  • Variable locking up to ± 15°
  • No screw head overhang avoids irritation
  • Oblong holes for syndesmosis screw insertion

2.8/3.5 Anterolateral Fibula Plate System

The SUMMA 2.8/3.5 Anterolateral Fibula Plate System is intended for use in internal fixation of the distal fibula.



  • Anatomically pre-contoured plate design with low profile and round edges
  • Plate designed for easy bending and twisting
  • Multiple distal screw holes for stable fixation
  • Compatible with syndesmosis fixation
  • Proximal shaft: Ø3.5mm screws; Distal end: Ø2.8mm screw

Distal Tibia System

The SUMMA Ankle Distal Tibia System is intended for the fixation of complex intra- and extra- articular fractures. It is used in osteotomies of the distal tibia including distal tibia fractures in combination with diaphyseal fracture.


  • Medial and anterolateral types are available
  • Anatomically pre-contoured
  • Reduced thickness to minimize the irritation
  • Limited contact design for better blood supply
  • Variable locking up to ±15°

Diaphysis System

The Diaphysis system provides multiple options for treating the diaphysis of the upper and lower extremities.



  • Low profile titanium plates and screws
  • Bidirectional and unidirectional compression holes

Small Fragment System

The SUMMA Small Fragment System is a locking plate system for multiple or complex fracture fixations. The plate design is carefully designed and engineered for different fracture types. The plates provide flexible surgical technique for the users. Examples include, but are not limited to the hand, wrist, foot, and ankle.



  • Low profile plates with flat head screws
  • Easy dynamic bending allows for 3-dimensional contouring on bone
  • Plates can be easily cut into different shapes for various fracture types
  • Poly-axial locking system with 30 degrees variable angle
  • STARIX screw with self-retaining function minimizes cam-out and recess breakage

Cannulated Screw System

A range of headed as well as headless cannulated screws with simple instrumentation.


  • Head & Headless options
  • Reverse cutting flute for ease of screw removal
  • Thread length choice for best fit of distal threads into bone fragment
  • Self-tapping flutes reduce OR time
  • Available in 2.3/3.0/3.0/4.0/4.5/6.0 mm sizes

Compression Device

The OptOssol™ system offers a unique hybrid wire and screw design which allows for variable and increased compression.

Innovative Design

  • Inserts under power with a wire driver for
    ease of use
  • Floating head allows for high degree of
    variable compression
  • Head moves independent of shaft reducing
    the risk of stripping bone threads
  • Can be cut to desired length reducing screw
  • Bone threads come in 1.7mm, 2.5mm and
    3.5mm diameters
  • For use in upper and lower extremities*

The OptOssol™ Compression Device is indicated for use in the internal fixation of fractures, fusions and revisions. The system is intended for but not limited to Upper and Lower Extremity surgery but is not intended for spinal use.


Shape Memory Staples

The MH Staples system is cost effective solution in shape memory staples.

System Features

  • Shape memory for interoperative stability
  • Multiple sizes to meet the indication
  • “S” bridge for proximal compression
  • No barbs for easy removal
  • Up to 75% of displacement for distal compression
  • Simple, reusable instrumentation lowers costs in your operating room

Maxx Health is the US distributor for the products detailed. Summa Orthopaedics, Tyber Medical and Jeil Medical are the manufacturers for these products.

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